Nuts about books

Nuts about books

I love reading but horror is my passion

0.5 Stars
The Attic Girl


I just couldn't get past the first few pages. 

2 Stars

Book 1 was too incomplete to appreciate the story and although introducing the reader to a totally different world split into various races, none of these were explained in any detail. I was lost as the book hopped from each different race to the next, and when I finally started to see a storyline, the book ended to be continued in book 2.

The book had several things working for it and several things working against it. The setting was by far the strongest part. It was vibrant and different than our own world, with several intriguing races and deities.


The shift in POV from one character to the next was very unsettling and hurt the story. I was never able to feel a connection to any characters, because as soon as I began to like them or sympathize with them, it would switch POVs and I was left with a new character to get to know. I personally didn't like the fact you had these wolf creatures calling each other love, I don’t know, they seemed far too human.

5 Stars
Carrie - Stephen King

The first book I ever read of Kings, and it got me hooked. 

Carrie is the underdog, a girl terrorized by an insanely religious mother, victimized and persecuted by her peers, and alienated from the world around her. Many of us daydream about the revenge we will exact from those kids who made fun of us all those years ago, and Carrie shows us that revenge is not all it is cracked up to be. Carrie's "triumph" costs many innocent people their lives.


An Absolute masterpiece 

2 Stars
Playing dirty mind Games

A story based on loyalty and the underworld. Sensi is a dirty cop who has many people on his payroll including his son Judas. Judas tries his best to run things on his own without the approval of his father. Sydney has a personality disorder that landed her in a mental health clinic. After being released, Sydney's personalities are fighting to take over her life. Sydney is having a hard time controlling them and soon turns to destructive behaviour. Her friends Brittany and Shelly sign a deal that they can’t refuse before they realize that everything comes with a price. Naomi, the sister of Sydney and fiance of Judas, gets a shock when learning of Judas’ infidelity.


I had to reread certain parts over again due to now knowing that she had switched from the present to the past and vice versa. Also some parts of the story were all over the place and a lot of details were given that did not add to the story. I also didn't understand all the slang, or street talk that was going on.

1.5 Stars
Grace Alive

I’m not a big fan of books with a lot of religious talk. Most authors try to preach too much and with too much judgement. This book is packed full of religion, but done in a heart-warming manner. In this story Zoe, a preachers daughter, finds out God is not who she thought he was. He doesn't want you beat yourself up or fight for him. But it takes her meeting Branson to realize true love and acceptance

Zoe's dad the pastor tells Zoe that God told him that she is to marry Jacob. Zoe hears God telling her to marry Brandon.
Zoe is 26 but her language and attitude was more like that of a teenager.

Branson is a reformed porn star with three kids but he almost can't control himself from the sexual temptation of a virgin's first kiss?


Rachel had an abusive boyfriend so Branson fought for custody of Bree but CC and Evie's mom cried all the time and was an alcoholic and he didn't mind them being with her? He even told Rachel that CC & Evie's mom was a good mom who protected her kids. How does that make sense?



1.5 Stars
The Order of the four sons


This is a dark novel about a ragtag team of people who are tasked with saving the world from evil. The book is written in third person, which does get obnoxious and clunky sometimes as you jump around from character to character. The characters also have a lot of names, one in particular being referred to as,Garnet, J.D, and the Colonel,very confusing.


The first half of the book just drags on and on and on.
The last half of the novel is a lot better if, and I mean ‘if’ you can force yourself through that first half.


The length of this book could've been cut in half. The characters, two of which I had a hard time discerning from each other spent pages upon pages bickering with each other, instead of moving the story forward. The world is somewhat confusing and some information is definitely missing, the historical tie-ins are good, and I found myself wanting more background chapters from Elizabeth and Katarina, the villains. Overall, without all the interruptions, which included a mountain of journal entries, and dragging out the characters, it would have been a good read.

1 Stars
Mirror Me

Detective Charles is quick-tongued, short-tempered, occasionally funny, and witty. He has been on the case of a serial killer, for five years and still isn't any closer to catching him, as he was back then. Now only weeks until his retirement, his entire career is being defined by this case. He already feels responsible for the families that have been butchered, but now the killer is back.

The story premise itself wasn't bad, until the non-ending where Clyatt's family is kidnapped & the book ends in limbo. I’m not too keen on cliff hangers to be honest. If I really like the book I will buy the next, cliff hanger or not. It does leave you wondering if the serial killer did really commit all the murderer? Or did someone else? How was he able to keep up his rampage for so long?

I am far from a grammar geek, but my god, there’s, lots and lots of commas seemingly thrown in at random. I found it very tiring to read this book with all the pauses caused by the commas in the wrong places.

And what is it with the characters constantly punching each other out? So-called friends and co-workers giving each other bloody noses as a way of greeting? Not realistic in any way shape or form.

4 Stars
The Blood That Bonds

This is not a sweet Twilight-esque vampire novel, nor where the vampires never kill people. Instead it is a dark, gritty novel. The main character starts out the novel as a prostitute, a young girl called Two, life is hard for her. She is attacked by this scumbag pimp , who gets her addicted to drugs and forces her to sell her body to pay for her addiction. She is a virtual slave to her pimp.


One night she is picked up by the handsome and charming, Theroen. He takes her for a night on the town and shows her what life could have been like if only she had taken a different path. She wishes so badly that she could stay with him forever.

She awakes the next morning to find herself locked in a prison cell, and looks in the mirror and realizes that she doesn’t look human any more, but more like a vampire. Theroen, is a vampire who doesn’t think twice about killing people, although he doesn’t have to do so to survive.
And the story just gets better and better from there. Revenge is hers for the taking.

4 Stars
Dhampir (Noble Dead Saga: Series #1)

I loved this book, it was very different from most vampire novels that I've read. Leesil a half-elf and Magiere have a pretty good con game going on, he pretends to be a vampire, she pretends to "slay" him, and thus they con innocent villagers out of their hard-earned cash.

But Magiere has become tired of this life, and when she decides to buy an inn and retire, a mysterious old man, Welstiel who tells her that she's actually a dhampir, half vampire, half human, and the perfect vampire hunter. The daughter of a recently turned vampire father and a human mother.

The vampires, though clearly villains, are not two dimensional caricatures, and even Chap, the dog, has a backstory of his own!

4 Stars
Dext of the dead

We are in the middle of a Zombie Apocalypse as as you can imagine, the world as gone to hell and even normal people are doing horrendous things to survive.  


A soldier, SSG Chalmers is reading a journal written by Dexter Alexander Baxter he finds in the hand of a partially eaten forearm. He informs his superior of the contents of the journal by a number of emails.The journal holds valuable information about the plague and how Dext, along with people he meets survives.


We read the journal along with Chalmers as Dext as he meets up with other survivors. Cutty and Junior are the first to become part of the group; they have rather an unusual friendship; but they are likeable, although a bit cliche.

The trio continues on in search of a rescue station and they end up finding a few more survivors. Kylee, a soldier and Wyatt, a teenage boy are the new additions to the group. 


The story has obviously been influenced by the Walking dead series, but Steve Kuhn makes it his own.


The book is well written and easy to read. I will be reading the next book in the series