This is not a sweet Twilight-esque vampire novel, nor where the vampires never kill people. Instead it is a dark, gritty novel. The main character starts out the novel as a prostitute, a young girl called Two, life is hard for her. She is attacked by this scumbag pimp , who gets her addicted to drugs and forces her to sell her body to pay for her addiction. She is a virtual slave to her pimp.


One night she is picked up by the handsome and charming, Theroen. He takes her for a night on the town and shows her what life could have been like if only she had taken a different path. She wishes so badly that she could stay with him forever.

She awakes the next morning to find herself locked in a prison cell, and looks in the mirror and realizes that she doesn’t look human any more, but more like a vampire. Theroen, is a vampire who doesn’t think twice about killing people, although he doesn’t have to do so to survive.
And the story just gets better and better from there. Revenge is hers for the taking.