Detective Charles is quick-tongued, short-tempered, occasionally funny, and witty. He has been on the case of a serial killer, for five years and still isn't any closer to catching him, as he was back then. Now only weeks until his retirement, his entire career is being defined by this case. He already feels responsible for the families that have been butchered, but now the killer is back.

The story premise itself wasn't bad, until the non-ending where Clyatt's family is kidnapped & the book ends in limbo. I’m not too keen on cliff hangers to be honest. If I really like the book I will buy the next, cliff hanger or not. It does leave you wondering if the serial killer did really commit all the murderer? Or did someone else? How was he able to keep up his rampage for so long?

I am far from a grammar geek, but my god, there’s, lots and lots of commas seemingly thrown in at random. I found it very tiring to read this book with all the pauses caused by the commas in the wrong places.

And what is it with the characters constantly punching each other out? So-called friends and co-workers giving each other bloody noses as a way of greeting? Not realistic in any way shape or form.