This is a dark novel about a ragtag team of people who are tasked with saving the world from evil. The book is written in third person, which does get obnoxious and clunky sometimes as you jump around from character to character. The characters also have a lot of names, one in particular being referred to as,Garnet, J.D, and the Colonel,very confusing.


The first half of the book just drags on and on and on.
The last half of the novel is a lot better if, and I mean ‘if’ you can force yourself through that first half.


The length of this book could've been cut in half. The characters, two of which I had a hard time discerning from each other spent pages upon pages bickering with each other, instead of moving the story forward. The world is somewhat confusing and some information is definitely missing, the historical tie-ins are good, and I found myself wanting more background chapters from Elizabeth and Katarina, the villains. Overall, without all the interruptions, which included a mountain of journal entries, and dragging out the characters, it would have been a good read.