I’m not a big fan of books with a lot of religious talk. Most authors try to preach too much and with too much judgement. This book is packed full of religion, but done in a heart-warming manner. In this story Zoe, a preachers daughter, finds out God is not who she thought he was. He doesn't want you beat yourself up or fight for him. But it takes her meeting Branson to realize true love and acceptance

Zoe's dad the pastor tells Zoe that God told him that she is to marry Jacob. Zoe hears God telling her to marry Brandon.
Zoe is 26 but her language and attitude was more like that of a teenager.

Branson is a reformed porn star with three kids but he almost can't control himself from the sexual temptation of a virgin's first kiss?


Rachel had an abusive boyfriend so Branson fought for custody of Bree but CC and Evie's mom cried all the time and was an alcoholic and he didn't mind them being with her? He even told Rachel that CC & Evie's mom was a good mom who protected her kids. How does that make sense?