Book 1 was too incomplete to appreciate the story and although introducing the reader to a totally different world split into various races, none of these were explained in any detail. I was lost as the book hopped from each different race to the next, and when I finally started to see a storyline, the book ended to be continued in book 2.

The book had several things working for it and several things working against it. The setting was by far the strongest part. It was vibrant and different than our own world, with several intriguing races and deities.


The shift in POV from one character to the next was very unsettling and hurt the story. I was never able to feel a connection to any characters, because as soon as I began to like them or sympathize with them, it would switch POVs and I was left with a new character to get to know. I personally didn't like the fact you had these wolf creatures calling each other love, I don’t know, they seemed far too human.