A story based on loyalty and the underworld. Sensi is a dirty cop who has many people on his payroll including his son Judas. Judas tries his best to run things on his own without the approval of his father. Sydney has a personality disorder that landed her in a mental health clinic. After being released, Sydney's personalities are fighting to take over her life. Sydney is having a hard time controlling them and soon turns to destructive behaviour. Her friends Brittany and Shelly sign a deal that they can’t refuse before they realize that everything comes with a price. Naomi, the sister of Sydney and fiance of Judas, gets a shock when learning of Judas’ infidelity.


I had to reread certain parts over again due to now knowing that she had switched from the present to the past and vice versa. Also some parts of the story were all over the place and a lot of details were given that did not add to the story. I also didn't understand all the slang, or street talk that was going on.